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  • ICD KOLLAM is a 16,000 plus square feet spacious complex. All the Class rooms and Labs are fully wired to a Centralised networked environment.

  • Attendance is recorded electronically. Punctuality is given utmost priority.

  • The Institute has dedicated computer labs which occupy around 4000 square feet. The labs are equipped with around 240 Personal Computers (PC). The Institute provides a mandatory 2 hours-a-day PC time to every student.

  • The highly innovative, state-of-the-art software developed by the Institute enables students to browse the vast reservoir of questions and articles which the Institute has developed over the period of time. Students can learn all by themselves by listening to lucid presentations on various topics relevant to their academic demands.

  • ICD KOLLAM in itself is a demanding environment. Only hard-workers can sustain and survive here.

Our Facility


The Institute does not encourage students commuting from places other than Kollam town. Plenty of accommodation facilities are available at walk-able distance from the Institute for Boys and Girls. The Institute shall provide proper guidance to the students on accommodation facilities.

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